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EverGlow manufactures a complete system of safety grade "glow in the dark" signs, markers, films, tapes & coatings.  We provide the following resources.

  • Recommendations and advice on code requirements and best practices to avoid installing photoluminescent signs and markings twice
  • Insight on how the choice of each photoluminescent sign and marking will impact labor & installation costs, time for project completion and suggestions for selecting the correct product which might save both time and money
  • EverGlow is your knowledgeable resource for application and installation instructions so you have reliable project requirements to DO IT RIGHT and INSTALL IT ONCE

EverGlow believes that a combination of electrical & non-electrical emergency lighting systems provides a margin of safety that historically has not been available from electrical lighting systems alone. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can find their way to safety during an emergency.

photoluminescent markings showing the way to the exit door

All our signs, markers, coatings & films are free of toxic & radioactive components. There are no electrical components whatsoever.  No lamps, batteries or wires!

Contact EverGlow today to find out why we offer the lowest life cycle cost of any photoluminescent exit sign or exit path marking on the market!  Discover why we offer different signs and markings for installation on different surfaces.  EverGlow signs and markings provide superior resistance to different levels of wear, weather and abuse that are routinely found in the real world.


EverGlow HI Logo
EverGlow Hi 
High Intensity Photoluminescent Signs & Markings
High Performance for Most Applications
EverGlow TL Logo
EverGlow TL
Triple Loading Photoluminescent Signs & Markings
Designed for Dimly Lit Applications
Zero Energy Consumption. Zero PVC Content
EverGlow Signs & Markings Consume ZERO Energy
& are Vinyl FREE!