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Yes. EverGlow signs & markings meet the requirements of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, the NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code, the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, along with local building and fire codes across the US and Canada.

EverGlow Photoluminescent Exit Signs are tested & listed to UL924 and CAN/ULC-S572. Our Egress Path Markings are tested & listed to UL 1994, UL S572, UL 410, ASTM E2072 and E2073, and New York City Reference Standard 6-1.

Our marine signs & markings meet Wheelmark certification requirements.


The surface of the sign or marking contains photoluminescent pigments which absorb and store light energy from nearby light sources. Placed in complete darkness, the pigments give off a noticeable glow which can last for hours.

When electrical lighting fails during an emergency, the glow from EverGlow signs and markings helps occupants evacuate safely and quickly.

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Luminance of EverGlow Hi & EverGlow TL Photoluminescent Signs & Markings
Comparison between strontium aluminate pigments and and zinc sulfide pigments


EverGlow signs & markings

  • have no electrical components, providing a high degree of reliability and a long service life.
  • are not dependent on a backup power source like electrical signs.
  • do not consume electricity, since they recycle the ambient lighting of the building.
  • are durable.
  • do not require an electrician for installation or maintenance.

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Yes. EverGlow signs and markings do not consume any electricity. Our signs are not made from toxic PVC but instead from recycled aluminum. EverGlow signs & markings have a 25 year warrany and are expected to last the life of a building. Compare this with other kinds of lighting which generally wind up in landfills after a certain number of years.

EverGlow sustainability arrows for energy and pvc content.
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No. EverGlow signs & markings are photoluminescent which means they are powered by normal light sources. Some exit signs are what is called radioluminescent, which means they use ionizing (i.e. hazardous) radiation to illuminate the sign face. This ionizing radiation is usually provided by tritium. EverGlow does not now or nor has it ever sold radioluminescent signs.


For EverGlow signs & markings to meet code requirements, the building must provide the right kind of lighting, and in sufficient amounts to be able to charge the photoluminescent pigment. Please note that exit signs and egress path markings have different requirements.

We recommend either fluorescent lighting or LED lights with color temperatures of at least 4,000 Kelvin. We recommend at least 1 ft-candle of illumination on egress path markings, and 5 ft-candles on the exit signs. 5 ft-candles is roughly the amount of light needed to read a newspaper held at arm's length. Most offices have 20 - 50 ft-candles of illumination.

Lower color temperatures indicate a more reddish, gentle light, like the kind given off by incandescent light bulbs or certain types of LED's. Higher color temperatures indicate a harsh, bluish white like what we see from fluorescent light sources. Imagine how a piece of metal might glow in a furnace; as the temperature increases, the metal goes from a red glow to a more bluish color. For more detailed information, we recommend reading the Wikipedia article on color temperature.

You can read the technical data sheets for exit signs and for egress path markings.


Of course. Give us a call or send us an email to contact one of our sales people. We accept all major credit cards. We can extend credit to those who qualify. Learn more.


You can read our 25 Year Limited Warranty here.


Separating the material increases the shelf life by keeping the components from clumping together. The user is also able to mix smaller quantities according to their own requirements.

Three cans make up the TL300 kit: one for the pigment, one for the resin, and one for the hardener.


Aluminum signs are far superior to plastic signs in high temperature situations. Plastic exit signs have been known to melt during building fires. Aluminum signs are much more resistant to vandalism, which is a big problem in many buildings and especially in schools. EverGlow has focused on aluminum signs since its founding in 1997.

A plastic exit sign that has been broken into pieces.


A list of authorized sales representatives can be found on our parent company's website under Partner List.


You can call us at 866-744-4706 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We're more than happy to help.

EverGlow believes that a combination of electrical & non-electrical emergency lighting systems provides a margin of safety that historically has not been available from electrical lighting systems alone. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can find their way to safety during an emergency.

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