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EverGlow manufactures photoluminescent films and tapes which can be used as part of a complete system of safety grade "glow in the dark" signs and markings. EverGlow Tamper Resistant films can be laminated to other materials for custom applications- signs, markers or stair nosings. Adhesives can be customized to meet the demands of your installation.

EverGlow offers different tape and film constructions to meet the requirements of your applications. In general, film products have a lower initial cost and are NOT as durable as aluminum products or epoxy coatings.

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Handrails with EverGlow Photoluminescent Guidance Tape
Suitable for use on handrails
EverGlow Tapes conform to irreqular surfaces
Conforms to irregular surfaces
EverGlow tape is easy to apply
Easy to apply


As much like "Paint on a Roll" as possible, EverGlow film products offer the advantage of ease of application and conformance to smooth, clean and dry installation surfaces which are not flat. Our newest tape is a proprietary film product which is extremely conformable to irregular surfaces. These EverGlow films and tapes are uniquely suited for use on handrails & ladders and obstacles such as standpipes and overhead bump hazards. They are also suitable for use on door frames and as perimeter markings on smooth, sealed surfaces. Once applied, this film is not easily repositioned or removed from the surface. This EverGlow film is not vinyl and does not contain any plasticizers.  EverGlow Tamper Resistant tapes are not polyester and do not have the stiffness associated with such materials.

This innovative acrylic tape is tamper resistant - it is designed to fracture when attempting to remove it from the installation surface. All EverGlow tapes are approved for use in NYC and listed to UL 1994.

  • No PVC (vinyl)
  • Contains no plasticizers or oils - film does not dry out and fail
  • Not polyester - avoids the stiffness associated with polyester tapes
  • Conformable to the installation surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Single layer construction
  • Flexible, relaxed - does not lift or delaminate at the corners, ends or side edges
  • Water, chemical, oil resistant film and adhesive
  • Abrasion, scratch and scuff resistant
  • Stays where you apply it
  • Exceeds applicable standards for toxicity, flame spread and washability