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EverGlow manufactures a variety of Photoluminescent Marine Safety Signs and Markings using aluminum or film backing. On this page, you will find a small sample of the photoluminescent signs and markings we offer.

We have supplied safety equipment signs and escape markings for use on pleasure, commercial and military vessels and marine platforms. We invite you to request a quotation for the signs you need to properly outfit your vessel.


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EverGlow Signs & Markings are used on cruise ships.
Cruise Ships
EverGlow Signs & Markings have been used on offshore drilling platforms.
Offshore Drilling Platforms
EverGlow Signs & Markings are used on container ships.
Container Ships

EverGlow manufactures photoluminescent safety signs and Low Location Lighting Systems that far exceed the requirements of USCG, SOLAS, ISPS and IMO luminance levels. We believe that safety at sea requires maximum performance for extended periods, especially in rough seas.

EverGlow can provide non-electrical and non-radioactive emergency lighting for use on deck, below deck and on emergency craft. We can provide the high luminance photoluminescent signs and markings that make a difference.

We suggest that when the lights go out in the middle of the ocean, additional lighting that does not depend on generators or batteries can mean the difference between self repair and waiting for the rescue vessel.

EverGlow Photoluminescent Signs & Markings Meet Wheelmark Certification Requirements
EverGlow Photoluminescent Signs & Markings Meet Wheelmark Certification Requirements