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EverGlow Photoluminescent Signs and Markings provide maximum reliability and effectiveness in all conditions, as no other emergency lighting system available today can!

  • Signs - final exit, intermediate exit, safety equipment, ADA and custom safety signs
  • Markers - stair, handrail, obstacle, door hardware and directional for use on the floor or wall
  • Films and Tapes - vinyl free, for handrails, obstacles, door frames and landing perimeters

The following products have received MEA (Materials and Equipment Acceptance) approvals from New York City.


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New York City Requires Reliable and Effective, Non-electric Photoluminescent Signs and Markings in the Emergency Exits of All Commercial High Rise Office Buildings Over 75 feet Tall.

As a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, NYC became the first city in North America to require photoluminescent floor level exit pathway signs and markings in the emergency exits of all commercial high rise office buildings over 75 feet tall.

NYC Local Law 26 of 2004 is retroactive. It requires the installation of approved photoluminescent signs and markings to be completed in all existing and new buildings by July 1, 2006. After 12 months of study, the Department of Buildings created RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A to clearly specify the design, location and minimum performance of these photoluminescent signs and markings.

RS 6-1 specifies that the entrance door to the exit, intermediate and final exit doors must have signs which clearly mark each door and the direction of travel from the building and into the street. In addition, for intermediate and final exit doors, the door frame and door hardware must be clearly marked in the direction of travel. All landings and corridors must have perimeter marking. Directional markers are required where the direction of travel is not immediately obvious. All obstacles extending into the exit path must be clearly marked. And all stairs and handrails must be clearly marked. The law does allow some exceptions for existing buildings.

Approved and issued in May, 2005, RS 6-1 establishes guidelines for higher luminance products to be used in NYC. Additionally, RS 6-1A, requires that all EverGlow products contain NO toxic or radioactive components. Finally, EverGlow products exceed all requirements for Luminance (Brightness), Washability, Toxicity and Flame Spread.

Compliance in high rise office buildings is mandatory; some building owners have provided exit path markings in mixed use and other occupancies voluntarily. The new code requires uniformity of markings within the same exit and also allows for the acceptance of existing photoluminescent markings if they are certified to have the minimum level of luminance (brightness) required. The NYC code does not specify minimum levels of durability of each sign or marker.

Over the last several years, EverGlow has provided exit path markings and signs for hundreds of high rise buildings in NYC and we have now certified several product lines for use according to the new code. Our MEA Approvals are available below. For reference, we have also included RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A.

EverGlow NYC Photoluminescent Products Brochure.
EverGlow NYC MEA Product Approvals for Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings.
EverGlow Statement of Compliance with NYC Local Law 26 (2004) and MEA Requirements.
EverGlow Compliance. Letter from Nemoto certifying EverGlow uses only Nemoto SrAl (Strontium Aluminate) pigments.
MEA 296-05-M: EverGlow HI150- Aluminum Signs and Markers.
MEA 325-05-M: EverGlow HI300- Aluminum Signs and Markers.
MEA 326-05-M: EverGlow HI150- Aluminum Signs and Markers with Ceramic Wear Layer.
MEA 327-05-M: EverGlow HI300- Aluminum Signs and Markers with Ceramic Wear Layer.
MEA 243-06-M: EverGlow HI150- Tamper Resistant Film Signs and Markers.
MEA 349-05-M: EverGlow HI150- Premium Polyester Film Signs and Markers.
MEA 350-05-M: EverGlow HI150- Vinyl Film Signs and Markers.

For your reference:
New Building Code for New York City, Effective October, 2014. Enforced starting January, 2015.
NYC RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A.
Additional Signs & Exit Path Markings Where the Egress Path in not Clear.
Summary of NYC Local Law 26 of 2004.
New York City Local Law 26 of 2004.
Affidavit for Photoluminescent Installations in Existing Buildings.
Application for Reconsideration of Previous Photoluminescent Installations in Existing Buildings.
TR-1 - Statement of Responsibility.
TR-7 - Photoluminescent Report.