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90.8924G Green sign face only



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Code Approved Photoluminescent Exit Sign from EverGlow. Made from 0.56 mm thick aluminum. HI 450 luminance grade. Available in red, green, or black. 

Holes are normally punched in the corners to allow for wall installation using the provided screws. We can also punch holes on the top only so that you can use two S-hooks to hang the sign from the ceiling.

EverGlow Exit Signs generally can be used instead of electrical exit signs above the door and at floor level. A minimum of 5 ft-candles of LED (minimum 4,000 K color temperature), fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor lighting must be on the sign face at all times. Photoluminescent Exit signs must be continuously illuminated.

  • Maximum reliability and effectiveness.
  • No electricity, batteries or lamps needed.
  • Evaluated and tested to UL924. 
  • Conform to life safety, fire and building codes
  • Contains no radioactive, vinyl or other toxic components.
  • Aluminum sign faces and frames. No plastic used in the design.
  • Available in red, green or black background with glow letters.
  • Visible and legible from 75 ft.
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 9.3 inches with frame; 14.0 x 8.5 inches w/o frame.
  • Directional chevrons and stainless steel fasteners included.
  • Qualifies for LEED credits.
Diagram showing how the sign is installed to the wall. The sign is secured to the wall with screws. The screws are inserted into the four holes punched into the corners of the sign face. Chevrons are peeled and stuck onto the sign face to indicate which direction to go to find the exit.
Assembly Diagram