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EverGlow offers durable photoluminescent epoxy coatings with a wide variety of luminance properties. Our HI and TL safety grade pigments complement our conventional signs and markers.

Because of the critical performance characteristics required of all photoluminescent safety signs and markings, we recommend that proper surface preparation and coating application be done by professionals experienced working with epoxy coatings.

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Transportation Tunnel Marked with EverGlow High Performance Photoluminescent Coatings
Transportation Tunnel Marked with EverGlow High Performance Photoluminescent Coatings


  • Rough or Uneven Surfaces
  • High Foot Traffic Areas
  • Car, Truck or Forklift Traffic Areas
  • Places with Harsh Cleaning Chemicals
  • Industrial, Warehouse or Utility Area
  • Floors, Walls, Stairs, Handrails, Obstacles

EverGlow TL300 Epoxy Coating is specially designed for use marking horizontal surfaces such as stair nosings, the perimeter of landings and corridors and floors in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

  • Formulated to exceed all code requirements
  • Designed for 1-coat coverage over a suitable white primer on a horizontal surface
  • A high build, self-leveling coating with good color uniformity, when applied at 20 - 30 mils coating thickness
EverGlow TL300 on a handrail.
EverGlow TL300 on a handrail

EverGlow offers prepackaged epoxy coatings and photoluminescent pigments to meet the performance requirements of your application. Because of the critical luminance performance requirements of emerging building, life safety and fire codes, EverGlow can guarantee the performance of our photoluminescent coating formulations when applied according to our directions. EverGlow photoluminescent coatings offer the ultimate durability and conformance to difficult surface conditions.

Lit Parking Garage with EverGlow Photoluminescent Epoxy Floor Markings
Lighted Parking Garage
Darkened Parking Garage with photoluminescent paint revealing the way to the exit.
Darkened Parking Garage

EverGlow can develop a photoluminescent pigment and coating system to meet your specific requirements if you have an application that is outside our existing products.