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It's not very green to replace batteries, lamps and entire fixtures every year.

  • Conservation
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency
Sustainability arrows for zero energy consumption.

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  • Unlimited Service Life
  • Reliable & Effective in all Emergency & Hazardous Conditions
  • Fail Safe Operation in all Light & Dark Evacuation Situations
  • Works when Electrical Emergency Systems Fail
  • Tested to the Same Performance Standards as Electrical Emergency Lighting
  • Compliant with building & fire codes and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • Accepted and recommended by Life Safety, Fire Safety & Code Professionals
EverGlow applications - buildings, ships, drilling platforms, parking garages
EverGlow Photoluminescent Emergency Lighting is specified to replace or supplement electrical lighting in many different applications.

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  • EverGlow Photoluminescent Exit Signs contain no lamps, LEDs, electronics or batteries.
  • Photoluminescent emergency lighting consumes ZERO energy; no electrical connection is necessary.
  • EverGlow exit lights can be expected to last the life of your facility with NO failures.
  • EverGlow exit signs have a 25 year limited warranty for interior installations.
  • With no electrical source, EverGlow exit lights can be safely used in any hazardous environment.
  • EverGlow exits are 100% aluminum and easy to recycle.
Broken Electrical Exit Sign
Electrical Exit Signs are made of plastic and are subject to damage & failure in commercial environments

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  • Radioluminescent exit signs contain a radioactive and toxic component- tritium
  • The use of tritium exit signs is prohibited by the US Department of Defense, the city of Berkeley, CA, and numerous college campuses
  • Tritium exit signs last for only 10, 15 or 20 years; until the radioactive tritium is exhausted
  • Tritium is monitored and controlled by the NRC- Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Failure to comply with NRC requirements regarding the use and disposal of tritium exit signs may result in severe penalties
  • Tritium, escaping from broken or damaged exit signs, will contaminate your facility and could result in huge liability or safety issues
  • Clean-up of tritium is an enormously costly and complicated process
Radioactive Tritium Exit Sign
Tritium Exit Signs use a radioactive isotope of hydrogen to excite (cause to glow) the photoluminescent pigment in the glass vials behind the sign face.

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